Multiple Teams · IHSAA Student Tip of the Week (11/9/2015)

IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (11-9-15)
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Athletes are always faced with challenges. One of the toughest is to finish out a game, meet, or match that you have no chance to win.

When you reach that point where you know it’s a loss, how do you react? Do you give up? Do you hang your head? Do you cop an attitude?

How you finish those types of games says a lot about you. Do you still give 100%? Are you still positive with your teammates? Do you make up excuses?

The next time you are involved in a sporting event and the time on the clock tells you it’s a loss, don’t let it reflect on your end of the game behavior. Handle it with class and move on immediately to your next challenge!

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