Multiple Teams · IHSAA Student Tip of the Week (4/11)

IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (4-11-16)
“Promoting education based athletics in Indiana”

Most coaches tell their athletes to be careful about their content when it comes to tweeting. Let’s face it, it’s more fun to tweet about success instead of failure.

However, if you are a high school athlete, chances are you will have more subpar moments than successful ones. It’s part of being an athlete.

PGA golfer Ricky Fowler had one of those bad moments in the first round of the Masters, shooting a high score and giving himself no chance of winning. Critics were making fun of his high-top golf shoes.

His tweet said “I was always taught if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” How do you react to negative comments and subpar games? Most of us are sensitive and care about how others perceive us.

Can you react in a positive way and make no excuses? Whether you tweet or not, don’t say anything that you might regret later. Failure can be a part of any sporting event and it is nothing to be ashamed of!

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